My first day at Conquer Camp

Conquer Camp is a 2 week virtual digital camp for entrepreneurs wanting to take action and acts as an implementation incubator for your business. So if you feel stuck in your business, or have been procrastinating over something lately join Natalie MacNeil and the She Takes on the World team for this free training camp.

The first task at Conquer Camp was to discover our conquer archetype based on our business personality and personal traits. Unsurprisingly as a Marketing Specialist I am The Messenger as I love to share and promote other people’s ventures. This blog here is proof as I promote not just this camp programme but Winning Women, Ladies Who…Network and the lovely business owners in those group! I am so busy helping others get their message out there that sometimes I forget to share my vision with the world.

Sign up here and tune into the first session and see if you hear yourself being described – I recognised The Revolutionist and The Creator archetypes in my network – without naming any names!

Since it’s definitely time to pay attention to me and my business, it was pretty obvious when it came to choosing a mission to implement over the next 2 weeks during the course of camp that the mission I needed to choose was to create one month of content for my marketing business.

Interestingly before watching the video I had just set my intention for the day to feel more organised, be more organised and attract more clarity.

I almost picked the systems and money mission as part of the quest to become more organised but developing my own content is something I’ve been procrastinating on and this mission is shouting the loudest for my attention.

First step for me is actually setting the mission, in camping terminology this would be the equivalent of buying a tent. You can’t camp without a tent, owning a tent sets the intention to go camping. Taking ownership of my mission and sharing it here is my first step towards achieving the goal.

It is my intention to create content that connects to people’s hearts with practical tips and advice that resonates with them and the challenges they face in marketing their business.

Natalie gathers her experts around the metaphorical camp fire to talk about how to move forward if you are stuck in your business and how to overcome blocks and change your mind set. The advice shared here reminded me of a TED talk with Amy Cudy that I wrote about on the Mindset For Success Blog, so if you’re not quite ready to brazen it out in the first class lounge, take a few tips from Amy to “Fake it till you make it!”

In this video Amy talks about how your body language shapes who you are and shares her two minute trick to boost your confidence.

Fake itA must watch if you lack confidence, get nervous, think you aren’t good enough or if you ever get that feeling that you shouldn’t be here.

If you are taking part in Conquer Camp, I’d love to hear the intentions you are setting for your mission, please share in the comments.


intention trackerP.S. Have you seen these cute intention trackers available from John Lewis? I’ve just started to use them to help me set daily intentions of how I want to feel, what I need to do and help me remember to appreciate and let go of things.

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