Winning Women Tips from the September Meetup

Winning Women is a community of entrepreneurial women who come together to connect with like minded women to collaborate, celebrate and support each other. At the September meet up in York we took the time to get to know a little more about each other and our businesses. Some of these lovely women shared their top tips, so I thought I’d just do a quick round up of tips that I took away from the night.

Consistent Cupcakes

Cupcakes baked by O'Crumbs

Nicola from O’Crumbs shared her top tip for baking evenly sized cupcakes: Weigh each one individually by placing each cupcake case on digital scales and measure as you fill with mixture. That’s exactly how she got 200 of these beauties all the same size for one happy bride.

One place in Britain you don’t want to miss

After returning from a 12 month trip around the UK in a motorhome Elaine surprised us all with her top place to go: Southport. Apparently Southport has some beautiful beach coves and hiking trails to explore. Who knew the West coast could be so beautiful?

Get paid to speak

Feeling humbled to be in the company of people who’ve been invited to be guest speakers at the WI, their experience resulted in this unanimous tip: If you want to get paid for a speaking gig at the WI then make sure you register with them as a speaker and set your price otherwise you might find all you come home with is a bag of green beans (and we are taking the edible type not the magic Jack in the Beanstalk type of beans).

Stick it up

After completely forgetting to share my tip or even introduce myself properly (I was too excited to share the news sticky note elevator pitchthat I am setting up my own marketing business than explain how that business helps people) Emma from EL Hypnotherapy game me a great tip.  Write your elevator pitch down on a piece of paper and stick it up somewhere in your workspace where you’ll see it every day. Let it sink in to your subconscious and then visualise it when it comes to introducing yourself at events like this. I’ll probably have to put mine on the fridge… or maybe the biscuit tin.

Look good in Word

My tip for you all comes in the form of a Free guide to help yoHow to align images in Word by Your Marketing Specialistu create impactful documents in Microsoft Word. Some feedback from the Ladies Who Network last month was that they were having trouble getting images to sit exactly where they wanted them on the page, or getting the words to wrap around the image how they wanted. This Quick Guide explains the 7 different Wrap Text options so you can choose the best one to get the result you were looking for.

Head on over to Your Marketing Specialist to download your free copy.

Visualise your future

Rachel the Business Grower’s tip was to get specific about your future. Visualise what your life looks like in 6 months time. Discover where you need to focus your attention to move towards this future life.  The first question Rachel asked us was “Where do you live?”

I’ll share my future with you – I’m living at the beach. I’ve done some work on this with another business coach to get specific, not just on what the future looks like, but what it sounds like, feels like: Living by the beach is breathing in the salty sea air, squelchy soft sand between my toes, listening to the crash and roll of waves on the shore.

yoga on beachI’ve also started visualising my perfect day on a Pinterest board to bring it to life in pictures.

I’d love for you to share your tips or tell us what your future life looks like in the comments.

Keep on winning.

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