Money is standing at the bar
Money is calling your name from afar
Money gives you a wink
Money says can I buy you a drink

Money wants to be your friend
Money wants to talk and hold your hand
Money is all you desire
Money is open to the highest buyer

Money loosens his tie
Money slides a hand up your thigh
Money is always after something in exchange
Money will drive you insane

Money is a snazzy dresser
Money is fun and full of laughter
Money takes you out for a nice dinner
Money says scream if you want to go faster

Money doesn’t play fair
Money can go anywhere
Money has a shiny allure
Money says come closer

Money lets you accompany him
Money lets you think you’re gonna win
Then Money snatches it away
Like Money is just a game to be played

Money has had his fun
Then Money is gone
And you’re all alone.

But what if Money really was your friend
A smiling face with arms extended
Bringing you into the fold
Giving you your dreams to hold

Because Money is plentiful
Money is beautiful
Money is just an energetic exchange
Money is permanently available

Hear the whisper of Money’s voice on the breeze
How Money can come with ease,
How Money grows and multiplies
When treated well, not stigmatised
Not hidden away, mistrusted or feared.

When your relationship with Money is freed
You get to choose what Money can be

When Money looks in the mirror
What do you see?

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