Money is standing at the bar
Money is calling your name from afar
Money gives you a wink
Money says can I buy you a drink

Money wants to be your friend
Money wants to talk and hold your hand
Money is all you desire
Money is open to the highest buyer

Money loosens his tie
Money slides a hand up your thigh
Money is always after something in exchange
Money will drive you insane

Money is a snazzy dresser
Money is fun and full of laughter
Money takes you out for a nice dinner
Money says scream if you want to go faster

Money doesn’t play fair
Money can go anywhere
Money has a shiny allure
Money says come closer

Money lets you accompany him
Money lets you think you’re gonna win
Then Money snatches it away
Like Money is just a game to be played

Money has had his fun
Then Money is gone
And you’re all alone.

But what if Money really was your friend
A smiling face with arms extended
Bringing you into the fold
Giving you your dreams to hold

Because Money is plentiful
Money is beautiful
Money is just an energetic exchange
Money is permanently available

Hear the whisper of Money’s voice on the breeze
How Money can come with ease,
How Money grows and multiplies
When treated well, not stigmatised
Not hidden away, mistrusted or feared.

When your relationship with Money is freed
You get to choose what Money can be

When Money looks in the mirror
What do you see?

more poetry for the newly single 40 something

Book Launch – More Poetry for the Newly Single 40 Something

To celebrate the launch of ‘More Poetry for the Newly Single Forty Something’ join the poets for an evening of entertainment with readings from the book and performances on the theme of being either ‘newly single’ or ‘forty something’.

A relationship break-up can be a difficult experience at any age. It isn’t always easy to see the opportunity beyond the heartache, and even less easy to find ways of putting the experience into words. This is a collection of new and exciting poetic voices on the theme of being either ‘newly single’ or ‘forty something.’ Prepare to be moved, counselled and entertained as you encounter the thoughts and feelings around these universal life events.

Inspired by Maria Stephenson, the contributing poets were initially invited to write and perform their work to support the book launch of Poetry for the Newly Single 40 Something, (Stairwell Books 2017). The poets have since performed together twice as a show on Chapel FM radio and at the Ilkley Literature Festival Fringe before bringing the collection together in a publication.

Independently published, each of the poets has taken a role in the preparation and publishing of the anthology. The collection is available to purchase on Amazon, copies will also be available to purchase on the night, don’t forget to get yours signed by your favourite poets!

The words of each poet paint a picture of part of their own unique life story. Share in the joy of words and wonders of life that these writers have explored and shared. These poems aren’t just about being newly single, or about being forty something, they are about being – essentially – human.

Once again the stage will also be opened up to the audience to join in and share their work on the theme in an open mic segment.

“If you want proof of the flourishing state of the new-writing scene in Yorkshire, you’ll find it in bundles between the covers of this anthology. These poets turn fresh eyes and fresh words on age-old themes, causing us to rethink what it means to be not-so-young, free and single.”

– Martyn Bedford,
Writer, Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Leeds Trinity University

Please arrive from 7.30pm to be in your seats ready for the show to start at 8pm.

Refreshments will be available to purchase from the bar throughout the evening.

Tickets are free but must be booked in advance. You will also have the option to put your name down for the open mic when you book your ticket.


“Deft and witty, shining a realist’s light on love.”

– Michael Stewart
Author of Ill Will, King Crow and Cafe Assassin


Can’t Won’t Don’t – Juliet Powell’s Story

Everyone has a story, there’s a famous quote that we all have a book in us, in our lifetime each one of us will have gone through a book worthy experience, a story worth telling. It might be the thing that defines us, that shapes us, it might be a side story to the main event, it might be entertaining, it might be sad, it might help someone else who is going through something similar.

Our Ladies Who…Connect speaker in March was Juliet Powell from Choice Therapy. Juliet is a counsellor and an adoptive mum to two children who have had a troubled start to their lives. Becoming an adoptive parent is a bit of a package deal, and comes with support workers, social workers, and a raft of opinions about what you can and can’t do, what you should or shouldn’t do. Continue reading


Life Lessons from Lisa Walker: Ladies Who…Connect January

Another inspiring story from Ladies Who…Connect. This month we were talking about life lessons with Lisa Walker from White Apple Thinking, which follows on nicely from October’s post “Every event in life is an opportunity to learn” with Jane Tai, who will be speaking again in February (but more on that later).

Back to Lisa, Lisa shared her 10 life lessons with us from her personal journey leaving school through working for some odd companies with odd policies before forging a promising career in HR and ‘giving it all up’ for a more meaningful passionate life with purpose by founding her own business White Apple Thinking, where she helps others become better versions of themselves by making positive lasting change.

When you are good at something you get neglected

Have you ever noticed that? If you are good at something you are just left to get your head down and get on with it, but when we find something we are not so good at all the focus is put on improving it. It’s just like when something is wrong we fix it. We have a need to be good at everything so throw we throw time money and effort at improving our short comings. In his Ted Talk Cameron Herod talks about how we are more likely to pay for a maths tutor for a kid who is failing than hiring a tutor in other areas to help us excel and soar. Imagine having a personal coach, tutor, mentor to help you become even better at the things you are good at. Whether it’s a creative talent or a head for numbers, how much more successful, satisfied would you be if someone was championing you and you cheering you on instead of neglecting you?  Continue reading


Entrepreneur Skills for Life

Cameron Herold’s Ted Talk “Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs” is interesting, it makes me challenge the way I was taught to save, how I was paid for the jobs I did, and how even a business degree doesn’t prepare you to run your own business.

I don’t agree with all Cameron’s comments, I think all kids should be taught these entrepreneur life skills then they can’t be conned by the entrepreneur employer who sells their paper round but still collects the tips without doing any work. Then these entrepreneurial kids can be taught how to value and care for the people they hire and maybe we wouldn’t have a world full of disenchanted employees in jobs that suck.

No one wants to be told what to do, no one wants to be stuck in a job they hate, but yes society grooms us for employment, for corporate jobs, and  and I agree that no one is grooming us to to be entrepreneurs and worse no one is teaching us how get the best out of people.    Continue reading

Don't be a sheep follow your heart

Ladies Who…Connect: Bridget’s Inspiring Story

I loved hearing Bridget Bernadette Karn’s story at the last Ladies Who…Connect (previously known as Ladies Who Network) back in November. Bridget shared how she has known she was an artist since she was 4 years old. 4 years old, when most of us still can’t colour inside the lines! Little Bridget knew that art was her vocation, her calling. But like what happens to many of us when we have a dream, our family think differently and persuade us down a different path, one that is often more aligned with their beliefs, their dream for us or (how many parent want their child to be a highly successful *insert professional title here (doctor/lawyer/banker)*.) Or out of financial necessity your path veers away from your dream.

Faced with the illusion of ‘starving artist’ and the need for a ‘proper’ job Bridget embarked on a journey that started in banking passed through nursing, detoured to Canada for some WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)and touched down at home caring for sick relatives.

At every station stop on the journey that veered away from the artistic path she wanted to follow Bridget felt an itch in her hear heart to do what she loved. That gut instinct that tells you you’ve gone off piste.

Have you ever had that feeling when you are out of your passion zone where you just feel trapped and depressed? You really want to follow your heart and do that thing you love but the naysayers and their false assumptions put you off. Continue reading

The Power of the Spoken Word

The spoken word is a powerful tool, which many of us over look. It’s not just about the words you say, it’s how you say them. Which is one of the reasons I love this TEDx talk by performance poets, not only will you see poetry in a different light, you’ll see the passion and energy that these poets bring to topics worth talking about.

feminism is obsolete

Rose’s slam poem on feminism and rape culture really struck a chord with me, every girl and mother’s with sons should watch it, boys should probably watch it too.

Every Thursday is #HeroDay in The Winning Women York Facebook group and this week my hero shout out goes to Continue reading

Every event in life is an opportunity to learn

Ladies Who…Network October Round Up

Now, what a story, what a lady. I won’t steal Jane’s thunder by sharing any of her story here, but what I will say is that if you ever get a chance to hear Jane Tai speak about her personal experience again cancel your plans, get childcare, get a flight back to the country. OK the last one may be extreme but yes you really did miss something THAT good. We were so engrossed in Jane’s story you could hear a pin drop, we didn’t even manage to tear ourselves away to order more drinks from the bar.
Continue reading

create content that connects

Tips for creating content that connects and converts

This week has been all about content in Conquer Camp and it covered all the usual advice:

Be yourself… be real… be authentic… be consistent

I’ve heard this so many times that I didn’t want to repeat it. But maybe that’s because I work in marketing, and consume content as if it were wine in my spare time. Maybe you haven’t heard it all before, because you are too busy running your business to be hanging out on Blab and Twitter chats. Maybe you know it but you’re still grateful for the reminder.

And you haven’t heard it from me, from my point of view, what these tips mean to me, plus I have a bonus tip from me on making your content findable (if you can’t wait just scroll down to the bottom!) Continue reading

I can be me while still having a business.

10 Tweets for Entrepreneurs from Conquer Camp

Last week Natalie MacNeil held live coaching calls to follow on from The Rocket Fuel Formula session where Natalie and her team talked strategies + systems to double your revenue.

Here are my top ten tweets for entrepreneurs and fellow conquers from the calls – a combination of advice from Natalie, my own tips and comments from fellow campers.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others who are 10 years ahead, remember they were once where you are

2. Have Limitless Beliefs (instead of limiting beliefs)

3. If systems are rocket fuel for your business implement a customer onboarding system to build trust

Continue reading