Every event in life is an opportunity to learn

Ladies Who…Network October Round Up

Now, what a story, what a lady. I won’t steal Jane’s thunder by sharing any of her story here, but what I will say is that if you ever get a chance to hear Jane Tai speak about her personal experience again cancel your plans, get childcare, get a flight back to the country. OK the last one may be extreme but yes you really did miss something THAT good. We were so engrossed in Jane’s story you could hear a pin drop, we didn’t even manage to tear ourselves away to order more drinks from the bar.

Thank you so much to Jane for sharing your story, I think we all personally took different things that resonated in different areas of our lives. And I’m sure it would shoot to the top of the best seller list if you wrote the book – even a box office hit if it was turned into a movie!

Once you’ve heard Jane’s story you will understand more about her AHAs to living an affluent life. You know that feeling you get when you fall in love? As if you are walking on clouds, and you feel all warm and sparkly inside (or maybe that’s just me) but if you want to feel this same way about life then Jane’s AHAs of influence will help you fall in love with life and live a vibrant, abundant life.

This isn’t a sales pitch, it’s just that you can’t describe what Jane does in a few words. I tried and got it wrong! In her own words Jane is a highly intuitive personal development and spiritual guru, writer and coach. She transforms what’s not working in people’s lives, whether it’s Wealth & Finance, Health & Wellbeing, Love & Relationships, or Perfect Self-Expression (your purpose and how you express who you really are through your work) Jane uses a selection of techniques from her tool bag to uncover your AHAs of Affluence to live a richly rewarding life. Jane’s work as also been described as “If you are stuck you to get the questions to free yourself.”

My favourite quote of the evening was

You will always have your integrity. No one can take that away from you. It doesn’t matter what other people think, as long as you know your truth.

I first met Jane at Ladies Who…Network in August, and she gave me her business card, or should I say Miracle Card. Mine read:

There is no right or wrong, there only is.
Every event in life is an opportunity to learn.
Look into the shadows of your mistakes, for their lies the springboard to your success.

“I suspend all judgement of myself and of others and I look instead for what I can learn from every situation.”

How true is that? How often do we berate ourselves for mistakes we made in the past?
It was definitely a message I needed to hear.

We also touched on the topic of ‘asking the universe’, this keeps cropping up in my life recently and so I have made a heartfelt request to the universe. And perhaps it is already listening because it keeps bringing such inspiring people into my life. Ladies Who…Network isn’t a salesy networking forum, it’s about making connections and getting to know the person behind the business and I have met some really interesting people in the last four months.

At the next Ladies Who…Network on Thursday 19th November our speaker is Bridget Bernadette Karn; her story takes us from a beginning in banking to becoming an artist and I am really looking forward to getting a sneak peek at some of the pieces she will be taking to her solo exhibition in London later this month. Tickets available here, just a few left at 2 for 1 prices. Hope to see you there!

October’s Ladies Who…Network was held at the Hotel Du Vin, so what did we think of or new home? I have to say the service was superb, and we were well looked after by the Head of Alcohol (as we jokingly call him) and his team. I do believe there is a Ladies Who…Gin tasting event being held here soon with Gary the Spirit Master and we were let into a little secret about a new Champagne and Caviar event coming soon (just £25 per person based on 4 people sharing a bottle of Champagne)!

P.S. If you need daily inspiration like this in your life follow Jane Tai on Facebook for a #DailyConnection.

P.P.S. Alison if you are reading please leave a link to the Macabre Plays!

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