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10 Tweets for Entrepreneurs from Conquer Camp

Last week Natalie MacNeil held live coaching calls to follow on from The Rocket Fuel Formula session where Natalie and her team talked strategies + systems to double your revenue.

Here are my top ten tweets for entrepreneurs and fellow conquers from the calls – a combination of advice from Natalie, my own tips and comments from fellow campers.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others who are 10 years ahead, remember they were once where you are

2. Have Limitless Beliefs (instead of limiting beliefs)

3. If systems are rocket fuel for your business implement a customer onboarding system to build trust

4. Step into a different archetype when certain situations need it

5. Put your bad day into context: be grateful for what you have, change your mindset and refuel

6. If you need something in your business odds are others do too, so go create a solution

7. Make sure your adword campaigns pre-qualify leads who are willing to pay for your services

8. People aren’t giving away their email addresses so easily, be generous with your opt in then nurture the list consistently

9. Try the Streaks app for building routines

10. Add a link to your Facebook group on your opt in thank you web page

And my personal favourite

I can be me while still having a business


I also tweeted these questions, feel free to share your answers by leaving a reply.

How do you start your day if breakfast is your rocket fuel?

What rituals do you have for balance in your life and business?


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