Don’t wait for perfection

Just a little reminder to us all to stop all those delaying tactics to publishing that blog post or making that video, it’s time to get your message out there!

Making a start is the first step to overcoming procrastination. We are all well acquainted with Procrastination – the little devil on our shoulder whispering ‘its not ready’ ‘it’s not good enough’, ‘it just needs these few tweaks’. Those whispers which we are all guilty of succumbing to, thinking that we’re not ready, we’re not good enough and we put things off under the guise of waiting until it’s perfect.

It’s the early bird that gets the worm, if you wait until it’s perfect someone might beat you to it with their version. And for entrepreneurs the advice is often to start before you’re ready – jump in the deep end and see how far you can swim.

Momentum is the remedy to procrastination, how often do you stop to check Facebook when you are fully in the zone of your work flow? How often do you check it when you are putting off doing that piece of work? Get started and the forward motion will keep the momentum going.

Remember there is no shame in putting your message out in the world then going back and improving it and tweaking, you might end up with something you can even publish under a new guise, helping you keep your message updated and relevant in a busy noisy world.

Today in Conquer Camp Natalie talks about avoiding perfection paralysis, so it is timely to publish this post I’ve putting off for a couple of days! Serendipity or coincidence?

What one thing can you get started on today to set that ball of momentum rolling?

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3 thoughts on “Don’t wait for perfection

  1. Omg the universe is talking to me loud and clear….The quiet still voice said all of this to me this morning while I was meditating in my quiet place…I wrote my goals and made my deadline…but I said video blogging I will wait until I get a good high tech camera….lol. Thanks for your obedience. I can step on the head of procrastination and do what I have been called to do.

  2. Louise says:

    Kandra I hear you, “I will start when …” is just another form of procrastination. Lots of video bloggers’ early videos aren’t great quality, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get started and get building an audience now. Good luck! and leave me a link to video, now that intention is out there, let it manifest into action.

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