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Ladies Who Network September Round Up

‘Twas the third Thursday of the month and the Ladies Who…Network gathered in the sumptuous Grand Hotel in York. The first lesson of the evening was that no matter how grand the surroundings it’s the service that counts. And after being let down three months in a row with double bookings and last minute room changes, and a service that’s gone from waiter service with nibbles to go get your own. It may be time for Ladies Who…Network to find a new home.

I don’t think any of the ladies that were there that night will be rushing to book their future events at the Grand, which is such a shame as it really it is a beautiful hotel. It just goes to show how one poor customer experience can have an impact on future sales.

We also shared our stories of recent issues in our lives, like issues with technology and computers playing up, having ‘one of those weeks’ where everything goes wrong but on repeat. And it turns out we aren’t all slowly going crazy thinking that the world is against us, the world is actually with us, preparing us for a shift in the Earth’s vibrations to a higher frequency. Change is a necessary part of evolution and September has been a huge month for change for those who are open to it or sensitive to astrological events. What with the blood moon, the Autumn Equinox and Mercury being in retrograde -the planetary aspects are preparing us for the change to come, so don’t panic if your September hasn’t gone to plan.

Stories and storytelling is a big buzz word in marketing at the moment, but it’s not a fad, storytelling has been around for centuries and influences many people in their daily lives, even the bible is a book of stories, when it comes to storytelling and your business how can stories help you generate sales?

Well let me tell you a story…

I’d met one of the ladies at a Wining Women event, and then again at Ladies Who…Network and I knew a bit about her and her business. But it wasn’t until I read her story on the Winning Women Facebook group that I realised that she could help me with a service I’d been looking for. I liked her, I knew her, and now I felt I could trust her to help me because she had experienced a similar problem to the one I was having.

know like trust

Sharing our stories might make us feel vulnerable, but it is also part of making authentic connections. People buy from people. They buy from people they know, like and trust.

Networking won’t always mean you’ll meet someone who wants to buy your products or services, it doesn’t meant that you will be under pressure to buy from someone else. But you might just make a connection that needs you in the future or that you can recommend to someone else you know. Or you might just make a new friend who supports your success.

So why not come along to the next Ladies Who… Network on Thursday 15th October and hear Jane Tai’s inspirational story of how she went from high-flying lawyer to spiritual healer*, helping people transform their lives. Plus you might make some new friends while you are there!

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P.S. Ladies Who…Network now has a new home at the Hotel du Vin, a beautiful 19th century mansion house on The Mount in York.

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2 thoughts on “Ladies Who Network September Round Up

  1. Louise says:

    * Just an update from Jane who has been in touch to say “Just to make sure nobody gets the wrong impression….I wouldn’t call myself a spiritual healer….although my client work definitely heals, in the sense of transforms what’s not working in people’s lives, usually in relation to mind mastery and emotions.

    That can be in any of the 4 main areas of life: Wealth and Finance, Health and Wellbeing, Love and Relationships, or Perfect Self-Expression (your purpose and how you express who you really are through your work).

    The story I will share on Thursday at the Ladies Who Network meeting is about my journey from a highly analytical, high-flying lawyer to a highly intuitive personal development and spiritual guru, writer and coach.

    Through the story I reveal the 3 core AHAs of Affluence, the bedrock of living a richly rewarding life. Thanks again for the mention.”

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