My first day at Conquer Camp

Conquer Camp is a 2 week virtual digital camp for entrepreneurs wanting to take action and acts as an implementation incubator for your business. So if you feel stuck in your business, or have been procrastinating over something lately join Natalie MacNeil and the She Takes on the World team for this free training camp.

The first task at Conquer Camp was to discover our conquer archetype based on our business personality and personal traits. Unsurprisingly as a Marketing Specialist I am The Messenger as I love to share and promote other people’s ventures. This blog here is proof as I promote not just this camp programme but Winning Women, Ladies Who…Network and the lovely business owners in those group! I am so busy helping others get their message out there that sometimes I forget to share my vision with the world.

Sign up here and tune into the first session and see if you hear yourself being described – I recognised The Revolutionist and The Creator archetypes in my network – without naming any names!

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Happy New Year 2015

2014 is drawing to a close, for some people it has been an awesome year with marriages, proposals, new baby arrivals, new jobs and amazing opportunities. For others it has been the worst year blighted with tragedy, heartbreak and loss. Last year I wished my family and friends love and laughs, health, and happiness for the upcoming year.

But we never know what is round the corner or what the new year will bring.

So this year I am wishing for strength for all my loved ones, the strength to face whatever curve balls 2015 throws at us. The strength to overcome adversity and get through the tough times. But also the strength to enjoy the good times and make the most of time with friends and family.